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The brand has a deep understanding of ancient designs along with traditional crafts, and it perfectly brings them together in a contemporary design aesthetic.

Vaniya by Ranjeet, established in 2022 and is focused on bringing back the old world glamour, romanticism and opulence associated with South Asian culture. The brand believes in building patronage of craftspeople and works with rural and local talents. Each design at ‘Vaniya by Ranjeet’ represents love and comfort that can be felt instantly. Every piece is unique and evoke a personal love affair with ethnic expression and defines a women’s own style journey.

Proudly founded in Dubai, Vaniya by Ranjeet is a classic designer brand which is fashioned exclusively for the women of modern era. We excel in creating heirlooms that can be passed down generations, our creations define Luxurious, Traditional and Timeless elegance.

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